MongoLab Rest Client

I love build ASP.NET MVC projects using C# for this reason I’m searching an inexpensive way for publish my web projects using PaaS approach. After this search I choose AppHarbor solution for host application but for storage I wanted to experiment a Nosql database because I like flexibility of schema feature and there are many free solutions in internet.
I found MongoLab a cloud MongoDB hosting that provide 240MB without costs. The main way for access to mongodb database on mongolab are rest api very simple to use, but I’m .net developer so I created a small library for manage database using only C# classes. I called it MongoLab-Rest-Client and I release it on GitHub (yes I wanted try also git🙂 ).

What can we do with MongoLab-Rest-Client? Today all crud operations on our entities.

1) Sign up to
2) Get the apikey ( ex. 123456789012345678901234 )
3) Write code:

var client = new MRestClient( “mydb” );
client.Apikey = “12345678901234567890123”;

// store a new entity
var obj = new Product();
var result = client.Create( obj );

// make a query using criteria api
var criteria = new Criteria();
criteria.Add( Restriction.Or
.Add( Restriction.Eq( “Name”, “name1” ) )
.Add( Restriction.Eq( “Name”, “name2” ) ) )
.Add( Restriction.Lte( “Quantity”, 2 ) );
IList products = client.GetByCriteria( criteria );

Only easy C# code and without define a schema on database.

2 pensieri su “MongoLab Rest Client

  1. Hi Antonio, I like what you have done. I am trying to use your good work, but I don’t know what to use for Product. Can you email me or put the class on GitHub? Thanks

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