About me

My name is Antonio Di Motta and I’m an information technology enthusiast.

My principal passion is programming and it started many years ago when my father bought me my first computer: The ZX Spectrum 48k. With it I began to program but also I played games for many hours (Match Day II and Manic Miner).

I graduated in IT Industrial Expert at ITIS B.Focaccia in Salerno and then I achieved a bachelor degree in Information Science at Univerisità degli Studi di Salerno.

My love for programming a had got a boost when I learnt C language knowledge using my Commodore Amiga 1000 and later I studied others languages at university like Pascal, Lisp, Prolog, C and Java for several projects. Java was my first step to Object Oriented programming paradigm. I love modelling things and behaviors with this paradigm.

My first work experience was as programmer of a CNC machine. One year later I arrived in SIS (Siemens It Solutions and Services) where I had several roles like programmer, team leader, project leader and solution architect. Now I’m working as project engineer for Tabit srl, a company located in Salerno, It specializes in design and implementation of complex software for big companies like Ansaldo.

I will always remember when Microsoft released .Net Framework and C# language, I loved it and still do today. For me C# is the best language that a developer can use to implement the projects. Another key moment of my professional life was when I bought my iPhone discovering a new class of software programming.

The commitment to do a work like mine requires continuously activities for learning, reading many good books (my favorite is “Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture” of Martin Fowler) and comparing myself with others IT professionals (collegues and communities). Forever.

I like sharing my knowledge with people and I hope that the others do the same with me. I think that the true value of information technology is when it can help in the real world.
I think that the best ideas are simple and make a difference.

Antonio Di Motta